Every day more and more restaurants want to express their personality, concept and passion, do you want to know the importance of creating one for your business?

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What is a brand personality? It is a set of values, attributes and traits that define a company.

In the case of restaurants, brand personality is especially important, since the food industry is very competitive and it is necessary to differentiate yourself from the competition.

What aspects influence the personality of a restaurant? The type of food offered, the atmosphere of the premises, customer service and decoration. All of these elements must be consistent, and reflect the values and the identity of the business.

This personality must also be present and guide the digital communication that the restaurant has on social networks. From the way they express themselves and how they engage in conversations with the community, to the type and format of the content.

So, why is it important to have a brand personality?


Here are 3 important points that explain how it will help you:


1.- To differentiate yourself from the competition: in the food industry there are restaurants offering a wide variety of dishes and experiences, so having a clear and defined brand personality helps differentiate the business from the competition. It also attracts a specific audience who values and enjoys the restaurant’s attributes.

Brand personality can also influence the way diners perceive the price of dishes. If a restaurant has a minimalist, luxurious and exclusive personality, it is very likely that customers will be willing to pay higher prices for its dishes, as they perceive that they are getting added value through the experience itself.

2.- Customer loyalty: once customers have experienced the restaurant’s brand personality, tasted the food offered and been satisfied, they are more likely to visit the restaurant again. In addition, if the brand personality is consistent and coherent, there is a good chance that visitors will recommend the restaurant to their friends and family.

3.- To structure a unique dining experience: the brand personality helps to create an experience with characteristics that are transmitted both in digital and offline communication. For example, if the restaurant has a fresh and youthful personality, you can play background music that matches the customers and the food.

Haven’t you created a brand personality for your restaurant yet? Spend some time and effort to create it so that it is solid and coherent, this way you will ensure the long-term success of your restaurant.


We co-created this content with Valentina Salazar (@valentinasalazarmx), Food Marketing Consultant, to help your business grow.