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5 Strategies to Boost your Relationship with the Most Loyal Customers

It is important to recognize that the restaurants that have managed to overcome adversity as a result of the circumstances derived from the pandemic, owe it, in large measure, to the loyal customers who have remained active, enjoying the services that they offer....

Self-motivation in Food Entrepreneurship

A roller coaster: that is the description of the emotions experienced by a person who decides to start a food business. I emigrated to Mexico in 2006 willing to build my business and getting ahead. I have been living in Monterrey for 16 years, focused on working in...

When you Want to Turn your Hobby of Cooking into a Business

In the world of food businesses, a topic that I continuously see when training entrepreneurs is the fact that they want to turn their hobby of cooking into an open-door business and have their own restaurant. So, for those who are passionate about selling what they...

6 Google My Business Metrics for Your Restaurant

Maintaining a close relationship with your customers is essential for your business to grow, and Google My Business is a great ally to make this happen. Google My Business is a free tool that helps you interact with your audience and create visibility strategies for...

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5 Ideas to Boost Your Sales by Making Alliances

5 Ideas to Boost Your Sales by Making Alliances

I’m passionate about connecting with the right people, and that’s exactly why I want to invite you to host a “takeover”, a marketing strategy in which you trust an outside food expert with your Instagram to interact with your community through stories and live broadcasts while you do the same in their account.

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P.A.N. Food Business Solutions is the link area of ​​the P.A.N. with restaurateurs and gastronomic entrepreneurs whose main offer is products made from precooked corn flour.

We provide training in the pillar areas of restoration for our partners' businesses through versatile solutions and we support them in building the foundations for their successful growth.