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How to Retain Customers and Increase Sales

How to Retain Customers and Increase Sales

In this article, we’ll explore effective loyalty strategies that will help you retain customers and
increase your business’s sales. Your social media presence is probably already great, and you
might already have nice pictures and viral videos, so it’s time to elevate your approach by
implementing loyalty strategies.

The Art of Adapting Flavors: Three Tips to Win Over Locals inYour Ethnic Restaurant

The Art of Adapting Flavors: Three Tips to Win Over Locals inYour Ethnic Restaurant

Dear immigrant entrepreneurs seeking to open an ethnic restaurant in a new country: Let us
guide you on the path to success. As expert consultants in the restaurant industry, we recognize
the significance of adapting to the local culture to attract and satisfy customers.
In this article, from the perspective of applied neurogastronomy, we explore three reasons why
modifying the seasoning of your dishes is essential to create an authentic and captivating
culinary experience that wins over the hearts and palates of local customers.

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