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3 Elements That Enhance Your QR Menu

3 Elements That Enhance Your QR Menu

One of the first elements customers will have contact with at your food business is the QR menu. This format is here to stay and you have to make the most of it for your business.

But what does QR mean? A Quick Response code that stores information and can be read by our smartphones.

Knowing Your Customer Is a Myopic Vision of the Business

Knowing Your Customer Is a Myopic Vision of the Business

Imagine you own an empanada business. Now think fast and tell me who your competitors are.
Most people tend to think that their competition are those restaurants that offer the same thing, in this case, other places that offer empanadas. This puts the focus on working to create a proposal, different enough, so that a consumer decides to choose it over the other, offering different fillings, unique preparations, better service, better price, to mention a few strategies.

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