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How to calculate the breakeven point of your business and why it should be done

When undertaking, one of the aspects that usually generates confusion is how to know if the business is profitable, also how much to sell to avoid loss and cover costs. Faced with this uncertainty, determining the equilibrium point can be of great help, since it...

The power of light can boost your profitability

Did you know that the lighting in your restaurant may be influencing the amount of food your customers eat, as well as its evaluation? This dimension usually generates surprise, since many do not take into account the type of lighting they use in the spaces where...

Surprise your guests with 5 desserts made with P.A.N.

One of the great characteristics of Harina P.A.N. it is its versatility: it turns out to be ideal for preparing breakfasts, snacks, lunches or dinners; salty or sweet; in short, an ingredient that adapts to all tastes. Have you tried including desserts made with...

7 strategies to create a successful playlist for your restaurant

The power of music in a gastronomic business is much more important than what has been considered so far, to the point that today we talk about your Audio Branding or Sound Brand. Our brain has the ability to analyze it in three different ways. The melody is...

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P.A.N. Food Business Solutions is the link area of ​​the P.A.N. with restaurateurs and gastronomic entrepreneurs whose main offer is products made from precooked corn flour.

We provide training in the pillar areas of restoration for our partners' businesses through versatile solutions and we support them in building the foundations for their successful growth.