Audiences out there are very varied; therefore, you must know how to recognize them, identify them and connect with them. Knowing the different audiences that visit you and buy from you is very important when paying for social media advertising to reach more people.

A very common mistake when running ads using tools such as Facebook Ads is to place a generic image of your dishes to target all people; since the information used to segment is very general, it will result in underperforming ads. It is important to take care of the money that is invested and, in this case, we recommend that these ads are targeted to a specific audience. Here are three types of very frequent audiences:

1. The family. Use targeted ads for them. For example: a picture of a family sharing in the restaurant with a variety of dishes on the table. If you provide delivery service, use a picture that shows this reality: a family that orders different dishes, some for the children and others for the adults. When you run an ad that portrays a real situation, you create a greater connection than a generic image with a motorcycle icon to promote delivery service.

2. Couples want special moments to remember. If you have a space in your restaurant that is cozy, romantic and special, that is the place where we recommend you take the picture that you will later use for an advertisement on Facebook. In this way, you can show them they can live a special moment in your space.

3. The foodies will taste your delicious dishes and live the experience of the place by highlighting the origin of the ingredients, the creative processes of the dishes or that pairing menu created only for one season; that is the experience that you should convey in an image.

In these 3 examples, we think out of the box and stop running only generic ads that seem to speak to everyone, but really speak to no one. Depending on your type of food business, we are sure you can have more types of customers by working with different audiences. Then, we can monitor metrics and analyze the ones that have better results.

Customers today are looking for tailor-made products; they want to feel special through food and drinks made to their liking. For this we recommend you listening to your customers, knowing them 100% and being able to offer them options that personalize all or part of their experience. Start by knowing your identity, your values, goals, competitors and the things that matter to them. These aspects should guide all decisions and actions, from the biggest to the smallest, to convey a message to your audience. And if we take a magnifying glass, we can see that audiences are very varied.

Put this recommendation into practice and you will see the positive results of creating advertising content and images targeted to each audience segment. Then, share with us the results you got.

We co-created this content with Valentina Salazar, Food Marketing Consultant, to help your business grow.