This is one of the most recurring questions in the world of food entrepreneurs, who make great efforts to develop a better-quality product than the competition.

However, there is a powerful phrase that says: “The best-known beats best.” This explanation seems simple, however, behind it there is a very interesting explanation based on Applied Neurogastronomy.

Daily, consumers receive thousands of pieces of information which are processed, for the most part, by our unconscious mind. This allows you to make faster and easier decisions.

At the moment in which information is transformed into a decision, it is repeated until it becomes a routine and the brain will constantly seek to privilege and maintain this action. This process is riddled with emotions and arguments developed to justify an act that is no longer conscious.

Example: think of a time when you go out to eat something with your family, everyone is wondering what they want to eat, nobody agrees and everyone ends up in the same place as always, ordering exactly the same thing, the routine wins.

Businesses that develop a correct marketing strategy do not focus on talking about the quality of the product, since this argument is mainly rational; rather, they seek to connect with the emotions or moments of consumption that a potential customer can experience thanks to their offer. Once they live the experience, which was so fluid, safe and tasty, they will keep it in mind for the future.

This is why the best known will beat the one that offers the best quality and service. The key is to develop such an efficient marketing and communication plan that the customer does not have to think of arguments to go to your business, but rather feel an emotional impulse to do so. Imagine the possibilities understanding customers’ emotions, in addition to a quality product, your venture will become more successful.

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