Neurogastronomy has taught us that the environment is transcendental in the customer experience. It can have a major influence on taste perception. Businesses that are now including the delivery and takeout service need to understand this phenomenon because the home dining environment of their customers may be affecting the outcome of their experience.

Think for a moment, when customers go to a restaurant, they are receiving a number of important stimuli that help to increase their appreciation of the dining experience. The decor, the music, the style of the tables and chairs, the menu design and even the lighting are some elements of ambience that will make the food be perceived with greater intensity.

Now, let’s ask ourselves what happens when our customers receive our products and their homes become the restaurant. The decor of their home, the furniture, the sofa, the carpets, the portraits, everything plays a role in relation to your food offer and that can affect for better or worse your proposal.

Here are three basic recommendations that will help to enhance the meal experience at home:

  1. Suggest to your customers to take the time to set up their table. This action invites them to sit in a different way, with a willingness to enjoy.
  2. Prepare a curated playlist according to your food style. Give them the instructions to access the platform you have chosen so that they can activate it at mealtime. Music is one of the most important emotional stimulants, helping to create the perfect atmosphere.
  1. Through a video or a photo gallery, show your customers the best way to unpack the order and then how to assemble the dish to make it look pro. The presentation is a point that we cannot leave to chance, a bad assembly can demotivate the customer.

In short, it is our responsibility to guide the customer in having the best dining experience at home, as close as possible to the one he would have in our restaurant. The key to success is in the details.

We co-created this content with @neurogastronomo