The customer is one of the essential elements of any restaurant; therefore, the attention and service you provide will qualify the type of business you have. Currently there is a lot of competition in the market, that is why the owner of a restaurant not only offers quality in terms of food, but also makes it easier for the client to live an unparalleled experience.

Here are some techniques to improve customer service.

Improved customer service: it’s a key process!

Current diners value much more the treatment, or service provided by the establishment’s care staff. In fact, the location, the atmosphere, the serving time, the prices and the quality of service are the main requirements for a restaurant to maintain tables always full of happy people.

Unfortunately, many dining establishments do not take care of these elementary aspects, they excuse themselves that the waiters are not fully trained. This is a serious mistake that could even bankrupt the establishment.

Always keep in mind that a restaurant is a company like any other, in which the employees and staff must carry out their work with total dedication, passion and care, since they are simply the reflection and image of the business.

How to improve customer service?

Being a host or a waiter in a dining establishment is a job that should be valued and cared for, why? This type of worker is not only responsible for writing down the orders and bringing dishes to the table, they are also the closest employees to the customer and their work can be of the utmost importance for the restaurant; because through them it is determined individually what the diners like the most and what they do not like.

Now here are some tips:

– Predisposition to order

There are facial gestures that can help show the full taste and vocation for serving diners. In addition, maintaining eye contact, nodding, listening and capturing all the information or questions that the diner provides also helps in these moments. Last but not least, by any means the customer should observe that, while they are being served, the waiter is doing extra activities outside the work environment.

– Give priority to face-to-face customers

Although it is true that all customers are the same and, therefore, we must all provide them the same customer service; when a customer is in front of you and the other is by phone, your priority must be the one in front of you. Then you can immediately give the person on the phone the necessary attention.

– Apply the basic techniques of the protocol

Giving priority to the ladies and then to the gentlemen, showing the open cards, saying good morning, good afternoon or good evening and indicating which dish is not available on the menu are the basic techniques that the waiter must follow to keep customer service optimized.

– Convey an impeccable image

It is essential that the waiters are located near the diners, in this way the customers will not have the need to look for them inside the kitchen or the administrative area if they need them. At the same time, for no reason should the waiter stand with their hands crossed, with their hands in their pockets or be distracted, since these three postures cause a negative aspect towards the diners. Therefore, it is a must to expose a perfect image.

Finally, do not forget to remind your service staff that it is necessary to maintain sanity and good manners in front of the customer. Also, asking immediately after executing the payment, “How did you find our services?” and “thank you for your visit”.

I invite you to apply these tips, share with us how it went and all the ideas you got.

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