When starting any food business, it is vital to form a work team capable of carrying out its different functions in a harmonious way, thus avoiding confrontations that may disrupt work performance and harm business objectives.

Labor disputes occur due to differences in values, points of view, discussions or lack of communication; as working with people is a complex task. Resolving these situations within the restaurant is one of the manager’s responsibilities, since in every organization there are disagreements and diverse opinions.

These inconveniences affect the work climate, the culture of the company, the productivity of the employees, as well as its service to the public. For this reason, we present you the tools with which you can deal with conflicts in the business efficiently.

Identify the Situation

It is advisable to ask yourself: what happens? Who is affected and what is the reason? Likewise, it is appropriate to assess the type of conflict; among them, the following stand out:

  • Interpersonal conflict: it occurs between employees, colleagues, bosses, even with customers.
  • Structural conflict: disagreement over roles or hierarchies.
  • Intrapersonal conflict: are those problems that the worker may have with himself; such is the case of carrying out a work task that goes against the values of the individual.

Communication is Key

Create the conditions to resolve the situation; the most convenient thing is to propose a meeting with the affected people. Here are some recommendations:

  • Listen to both parties: be a middle man, pay attention to the arguments, let them know that we have totally different opinions and personalities. Make sure you have a respectful conversation.
  • Be clear: act intentionally when intervening in the situation. When speaking, reinforce the goals of the company, the tasks and areas of each person. Explain every detail, workers must always have clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Motivate your employees: After a difficult conversation, it is best to end the session by motivating your employees. Empathize with them, let them know how important they are to your company. This way you show interest and make them feel valued.

Find a Solution

After identifying the problem, offer several solutions. Strive for an equal consensus. Many times, the solutions are about emphasizing and clarifying information or, in the majority of cases, reaching an agreement or negotiation in which both parties agree. It is important to ensure the well-being of employees, as well as that of the company.

Resolving labor disputes is common in organizations. Therefore, when solving them, we recommend that you take into account the advice provided in this article. Likewise, do everything possible to prevent these inconveniences; for example, preserving a work environment with assertive and effective communication.