Much is said about color psychology and how it can influence the consumer experience. It has been said that warm colors tend to make people stay longer in an establishment and increase the feeling of intimacy, while bright colors can increase the desire to eat more calories and eat faster. Professionals in interior design know this and usually choose the color palette depending on whether their client is a fast food or full-service restaurant.

However, in a recent study conducted in mid-2021, a totally new point of view in the consumer experience and taste perception was validated.

This is very interesting, now we know how the use of different color schemes can not only influence the desire to eat or stay longer in a place, but also change the taste perception of the same product.

In this research, it was concluded that, for example, using a color scheme based on light colors and reddish tones makes coffee be perceived as sweeter, while using dark brown colors and green tones makes coffee have more body, greater acidity and be more flavorful.

This line of research creates new opportunities in the design of spaces, as well as invites us to ask questions that everyone who has a food business should ask themselves:

  1. Are the decoration and colors that predominate in my restaurant enhancing my customer’s experience?
  1. Do the colors that are part of my branding help me reinforce my concept and increase the probability that my customer will return?

It is time to sit down and understand how surroundings impact our menu, since there is enough scientific evidence that tells us that the decoration, music, lighting and colors of our brand are as important as the recipes that we prepare for our guests.

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