One of the main challenges of every restaurateur is to form an efficient work team, which allows them to satisfy both the needs of their customers and achieve their own business goals. That is why, labor motivation is part of the strategy to be implemented within companies to encourage employees. The objective is to guarantee a harmonious development of the activities and functions that lead to the success of the business.

The causes that drive a human being to work are multiple. In this sense, excluding the economic factor, it is vital to know the conditions that activate, direct and maintain employees with the desire to do their jobs to the best of their ability, constantly, over time.

From P.A.N. Business Solutions we offer you the following recommendations that allow you to apply strategies in the company to motivate your staff. The goal is to ensure that they can develop their skills and intellect, creating a work team capable of competing and making your business the number one in their specialty. Take notes!

  • Place the right person in each job: Determining the professional skills and abilities of employees allows you to assign them responsibilities that will keep them motivated and enthusiastic about the work they do.


  • Apply a policy of respect: Maintain a climate of harmony, trust and consideration towards your collaborators. If it is necessary to call attention to someone in particular, let them know the mistake they made in a cordial and empathetic environment, as well as the repercussions of their attitude within the work team.
  • Facilitate autonomy: Establish with your staff what they should do and allow them to do it without interfering. Likewise, trust them; this way they will be in control of their activities.
  • Expectations of growth in the company: Offer your employees the opportunity to develop their professional knowledge and skills in the areas of their preference. Also, tell them how valuable they are to the restaurant and the possibilities for career advancement as a result of their performance.
  • Recognize and encourage your staff’s outstanding work: When team members perform extraordinarily well, exceeding the goals set, you could publicly congratulate and reward them. For example: give a bonus or a paid day off during the week.
  • Provide them with the necessary tools to perform their duties: This involves training and coaching, as well as all the indispensable materials to carry out the assigned tasks in the business.
  • Create a space for coexistence and recreation: Just as labor productivity is important, it is vital to promote recreational activities in your team that allow them to clear their minds and strengthen the bonds of companionship among its members.
  • Guarantee an excellent workplace: This way your employees will feel comfortable performing their tasks in an environment where they can count on basic services such as water, lighting, toilets, dining room and ventilation, in addition to other amenities that you can provide them with.

Motivated employees can bring benefits to the companies where they work, as they are able to perform better, feel better, valued and comfortable in their workplaces. Therefore, it is important that the restaurateur strives to create and implement policies to motivate its staff, which lead to having work teams that make the restaurant a competitive business.