On many occasions, when working with different types of food businesses, I notice there is a business opportunity that is almost never considered: having a fixed monthly income by selling food to companies located near your business.

In this opportunity, I share with you 7 actions you can take from now on to have an extra fixed monthly income that will help your restaurant’s finances:

1.- Make a list of businesses in the area, visit them and contact the purchasing manager; prepare a free sample of some of your star dishes and a brochure in which you share your story and the services you offer. Sometimes we assume that they already know the restaurant, but the reality is that a high percentage of these companies have not visited it yet.

2.- Offer a 10% discount to the employees of the companies in the surrounding area so that they take you into account when they leave the office for lunch. Many workers consider these discounts when deciding where to shop.

3.- Offer a special combo box for these workers at an affordable price. I know that many times you already have an option for these customers, but you can have a special daily or weekly menu that varies so diners are encouraged to try something new every week.

4.- Catering services are another option that attracts the attention of companies. If you own an arepas restaurant, offer various options along with other dishes for their events, breakfasts or birthdays.

P.A.N. Food Business Solutions

5.- An important point to take into account is to have a website for the restaurant. Many times, you only have Facebook and Instagram, but companies that request this type of service seek information (or confirm it) through the content they find in search engines like Google and the company’s website.

P.A.N. Food Business Solutions

6.- Create your profile on LinkedIn, first as a person with the position you have in your restaurant (administrator, CEO, etc.) to share the services you offer. Then, open the restaurant’s business page; there you can publish its story, services and, additionally, testimonials from companies that have already hired your services.

7.- Have an open house: the idea is to invite representatives of those companies to try the different dishes and options you offer, as it is an opportunity to get to know them and create alliances.


These 7 actions unfold a variety of opportunities that will allow you to benefit from the companies near the restaurant.


We co-created this content with Valentina Salazar (@valentinasalazarmx), Food Marketing Consultant, to help your business grow.