Christmas is one of the most important times for food businesses, so with this in mind, and wanting the businesses or restaurants in our community to make the most of the holidays, we prepared the new edition of the P.A.N. Food Business Week: My Christmas Solutions.

 During this educational week, which coincided with our 61st anniversary, the invited experts shared their experience through brief but fundamental lessons that guided all those interested in the preparation and improvement of the strategies to be applied during the season in their businesses selling food prepared with pre-cooked corn meal.

The lessons were as follows:

  1. How to manage your restaurant inventory at Christmas? By Ivan Garcia, chef of the restaurant “El Bosque Bistro” in Caracas – Venezuela. The content revolved around restaurant inventory management in just 5 steps.
  1. What to post on your business social media during Christmas? By Katy Mekhalchyshyna, food digital marketing consultant, who explained how to optimize the social networks of restaurants, as well as tips for creating and posting content that connects with customers at Christmas.
  1. Neurogastronomy strategies to apply at Christmas; a lesson offered by Merlin and Marcus Gessen of Neuro Food Consulting. These two specialists explained to the community why entering a price competition affects the brand value of a food business, and also shared best practices to increase sales during the holidays, as well as in the first quarter of the new year.
  1. How to prepare the perfect Christmas menu? Marcela Gil, our corporate chef, put her vast experience in the brand at the disposal of the members of the P.A.N. community, teaching them everything they needed to put together a winning and differentiating menu made with pre-cooked corn meal.

*Note: if you are interested in preparing some of the recipes mentioned by Marcela, you can visit the P.A.N. recipe channel on YouTube: P.A.N. Corn / P.A.N. Maize.

  1. Prepare your food business for the new year. Harry Lopez, entrepreneurship coach, talked about how to define the strategies and goals needed to put every culinary business on track for a prosperous and successful year.

With this 5th lesson, we close this edition of the P.A.N. Food Business Week: My Christmas Solutions, the last gift that we offer you in this 2021 and with which we hope that Christmas in your businesses and restaurants will be as productive as you wish.

Thank you all for your support and for joining us throughout the year. Let’s continue to walk hand in hand along this path in the restaurant industry.

Happy Holidays!