Did you know that smiling can improve your customer service? That’s right, according to several investigations, smiling has multiple benefits for both you and your consumer. It is known that in one of the largest fast-food chains in the world, the cashiers responsible for serving customers always have a small sign in sight that reminds them to smile at each customer they serve. This seems like something trivial or of little importance, but what is behind this standard has very important implications to make that site one full of “happiness”.

From the Applied Neurogastronomy’s point of view, we share below some of the reasons why smiling should be part of your training plan to transform and enhance the experience you offer.

Smiling increases confidence. A good smile can make your customer feel more comfortable and secure with you, which facilitates the sales and loyalty process

Smiling improves the mood. When you smile, you release endorphins and serotonins that make you feel better and more positive. This is reflected in your attitude and the way you treat your customer.

Smiling is contagious. Human beings tend to mimic other people’s gestures, so if you smile, chances are good that the customer will smile back. This creates a more pleasant and relaxed environment for both of you.

Smiling expresses good disposition. When you smile when welcoming or seeing off a customer, you are showing that you are happy to serve them and that you care about their experience. This generates a good impression and a positive relationship with your brand.

Smiling increases empathy. By smiling, you transmit warmth and closeness to your customer, which makes them feel more understood and valued by you. This favors communication and solving problems or needs.

Smiling changes the tone of voice. When you smile while talking on the phone, you change the way you use words and the tone you give them. This makes your voice sound more friendly and professional, which improves the level of customer service.

Smiling shows honesty. By smiling naturally and sincerely, you are telling your customer that you are a trustworthy and credible person, which increases their loyalty to you.

As you can see, smiling has many benefits for your customer service. That is why we invite you to practice this simple but powerful tool in your day to day. You will see how your relationship with your customers and your results improve.

We co-created this content with @neurogastronomo to help your business grow.