When we start a food business, we often focus on investing in decoration, tableware, glassware, furniture, lighting and kitchen equipment that, sometimes, we don’t even need. By the time we open, we have already used up almost all of our financial resources and are under pressure to start selling. Here’s the thing, we have invested so much that we forget one big detail, the magic ingredient for the success of our business. This magic ingredient is none other than the training and education of the entire team that will be in contact with our customers, that is, from the parker to the customer service staff, and the community manager. This training is known as “emotional comprehensive service” in which we share the purpose that inspires us, the values of the company, customer psychology and the necessary tools to transmit this message adapted to the etiquette and protocols of customer service. 

Nowadays, service is not only about offering WIFI, valet parking, delivery or knowing how to take a dish to the table. It is useless to have the best tablecloths, the best tableware, the best chef if we cannot offer an “emotional comprehensive service”. The goal is to have the ability to know how to handle all possible situations that may arise when serving the customer, assisting them in all their needs in the most correct way.

Handling situations that may arise with our customers is not easy. Hence, the importance of teaching how to handle it. A very easy example could be to train the staff in knowing what to say when we run out of a product or how to answer a customer who asks questions that we may think are obvious to us.

It is of utmost importance for there to be an emotional comprehensive service, to make our team know each other well, understand what are the functions of their coworkers and how to maintain a favorable work environment. This is achieved by investing in training sessions. 

Today we know that hiring people only for what they know how to do is not enough. It is imperative to develop their social skills, involving them in how to manage and meet the emotional needs of our customers. With this, we are maximizing the possibility that our customers will return.

Nowadays the food offer is very large and the emotional comprehensive service is one of the guarantees to conquer our customers.

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