As consultants we have had the opportunity to meet with many people who, without knowing it, are in the path of negativity. It is common to hear them say things like: “well, everything is very difficult”, “the problem is that the economy is not helping”, “my employees are not up to the task”, “customers are not what they used to be”.

In general, there is always an excuse that does not let them realize how many of the problems are directly associated with business leadership and the culture that develops among team members.

In applied neurogastronomy we learn that negativity is a state of mind that develops and our brain considers it normal. In short, part of our neurons want negativity and the subconscious works to achieve it.

Negativity makes its way little by little and transforms the way we face difficulties. Day by day, we see everything in larger dimensions than it really is, making us believe that we are in a fight that we are inevitably going to lose.

Now watch out! We are on a bus bound for “complacency” and, when we get there, we have little strength, our leadership is undermined and things like this begin to happen:

A team member informs us that something out of the ordinary is going on and we become complacent, saying things like, “Well, that’s fine; but don’t do it again” or “how annoying, then tell the customer that there is none left and that’s it” or “it’s fine if they want to, but if they don´t like it, they can go somewhere else”. When we are in this state, we lose the desire to fight, we are on the defensive all the time.

The road leads us to the next stop: “mediocrity”. At this point, we are not attentive to details, we let faults go by, we let good employees go, we stop investing in communication and advertising, we forget about maintenance, and we end up closing our business and shatter our dream.

If when reading this you realize that your day to day is somewhat similar, it is time for you to become aware of where you are. Then, with determination, it is important to decide to return to the path of enthusiasm, success and a positive life. Remember, the culture of our business is the pure reflection of our leadership and it is an act of responsibility to always stay on the path of positivity, ambition and excellence.

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