We live in times in which social networks have become not only a vehicle to connect with our friends or loved ones, but also a source of entertainment, information and pleasure. Food is one of the most popular topics among users.

One might think that the main reason why the culinary subject attracts attention is because we want to learn how to cook richer dishes or stay informed about trends in restaurants, chefs and mouthwatering flavors.

In part, this is true; however, the neurogastronomy behind this explains that every time an image of a beautifully presented dish or, on the contrary, an “explicit” meal in which every detail can be seen appears, it produces a reaction in the user’s mind that activates the reward center in our brain and makes us imagine, in great detail, the potential taste of what we have in front of us, to the point that our mouths water.

Therefore, the reason behind why we love to see plates of food on the screen of our phones has to do with our power of imagination and the hormonal chemistry that this generates.

When we understand this phenomenon, we can understand why it has changed so much how restaurants present their dishes in the last 7 years. It seems that customers expect their dishes to be perfect for the photo, to be Instagrammable, since part of the experience of eating out is to share with the followers what is lived.

Now, what we will share next is very important for you to develop strategies that help you enhance the consumption experience of your customers. In a study published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing, it was found that when consumers take pictures of their dishes before eating them, the value of the experience increases. The perception of flavor is also enhanced, increasing the organoleptic attributes.

The main reason is that by looking at food, while looking for the best angle of the photo and imagining the impact or interactions that image will generate in your community, it increases anticipation by making you salivate more and enhances the desire to eat.

Today, more than ever, food enters not only through sight but through the camera lens as well. It is an interesting strategy to consider and in which we must invest to fine-tune the way we design our culinary proposal, because we will make our customer appreciate more the experience and register in digital what they have experienced, which will help us to get new customers.

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