P.A.N. Pre-cooked Yellow Corn Meal

Provides an intense flavor of corn, without preservatives or artificial colors. Because it is precooked, its use in manufacturing processes offers innumerable advantages over the direct use of whole corn or raw corn flour, which translates into cost savings associated with time and energy, necessary to cook and grind the corn until it becomes dough. You can also use this product as an ingredient in your formulation.

• 100% pre-cooked yellow corn flour

• Presentations: 5 lb. and 50 lb

• Shelf life: 12 months

Ideal for:

Arepas and Venezuelan empanadas, hallacas, tamales, corn sticks with cheese, corn muffins, polentas, applications in some pizzas, Makki di Rotti, gorditas, buñuelos and many more.