Let us share the answer, because we know that you can take advantage of it in your endeavor. Renny Pacheco (@ Neuro.vita), a fellow neuroscientist, explains that through the brain one sense can transfer sensations to another, which affects and stimulates our perception of food. Let’s illustrate it like this: we visit a restaurant, and on the table there is a set of cutlery that feels heavy when held. The mind considers that this characteristic indicates quality and value, attributes that are transferred to the food that we are about to eat.

This may sound incredible; however, it is the result of various experiments in which customers are asked to rate the same food offered, but using different cutlery or plates.

Let’s look at another case. When the wine glasses are of better quality and / or more delicate, the better the evaluation that the customer will make of the drink that is present.

Another example, a meal that looks like it is served with style, taking care of details, volumes and looks appetizing, will increase both the appreciation and the sensation of pleasure.

It is essential to take into account, in your business, these factors to guarantee that the experience of our clients is fuller. For that, you can ask yourself some questions such as the following:

Are the utensils that my client uses to enjoy my preparations, according to the quality of what I offer?

Can I improve the type of packaging that I use for delivery?

Am I taking care of the details when serving the dishes?

What can I do to increase sensory ventriloquism to improve my clients’ experience?

In conclusion, sometimes the smallest detail can make a difference in customer satisfaction.

We create this content in collaboration with @neurogastronomo to promote the growth of your business.

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