For an artist, light is everything. For the photographer it is the key to their work, for an architect it is the secret behind their design and for a restaurateur or entrepreneur… it is a headache that must be used efficiently in order to save money.

Proper restaurant lighting, as it is demonstrated in different neurogastronomy and gastrophysics studies, can represent an increase in sales, make customers feel happier, boost the average ticket, and even alter the speed and quantity of consumption of food.

By nature, phototropism in human beings exist, we are guided by light and, depending on its intensity, our behavior and emotions are influenced. Let’s think for a moment: what happens when we wake up one morning and we can perceive that the day is totally cloudy instead a sunny one? In this example, most people feel less vitality and energy. In the opposite case, it is the intensity of the light that injects us with strength or that feeling of extra energy. Another example, if we want to have a special night with our partner, one of the first things to do to create the perfect environment is to play with the lights, lowering its intensity, to create a feeling of intimacy.

In a restaurant, when its lighting is intense simulating daylight, there is an increase in the caloric consumption of customers, as well as the speed of intake, this is common to see in fast food restaurants where hypercaloric meals are sold. On the contrary, dim lighting generates a feeling of privacy, increasing the time a customer stays in the premises, as well as a more positive assessment of the quality of food and drinks.

It is very important that we work on the correct type of lighting for our restaurant, according to the type of business we have designed, with the intention of creating the perfect atmosphere, promoting the correct emotion, generating even more pleasure, which will result in more satisfied customers, more loyalty and higher sales. To think that placing light bulbs of any type to generate energy savings can affect the success of our effort in the medium and long term. Working with a professional in this area can help you create a much friendlier space and, with the right technology, generate significant savings on your electric bill.


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