The power of music in a gastronomic business is much more important than what has been considered so far, to the point that today we talk about your Audio Branding or Sound Brand.

Our brain has the ability to analyze it in three different ways. The melody is understood from our emotional understanding, the rhythm from our motor structure and the word or lyric from our center of language. So our mind uses many resources to make sense of it. This is why we cannot leave it to chance, since this process directly influences our other capacities; It can speed up the rate at which we chew or drink, increase the intensity of the flavor of food, and even change our mood.

Today, we want to share with you seven tips, based on applied neurogastronomy, to create an ideal musical environment so that you can enhance the experience you offer your clients:

  1. The music must sound like your brand, it must convey the energy of its environment and the emotions that people will feel when tasting your dishes.
  2. Change the genre, tempo, and bands to provide different customer experiences, depending on the time of day.
  3. Breakfast – Soft and lively.
  4. Brunch and Lunch – Increase energy.
  5. Happy Hour – lively and slightly louder music.
  6. Dinner – Dynamic mixes, start a little softer and increase energy.
  7. If there are a lot of clients, turn up the music slightly, their body absorbs the acoustics so you should try to stay a little above the voices.
  1. Music, conversations and other sounds in the restaurant should not exceed 70/80 dB decibels.
  2. If you have few people in the room, choose songs with a soft tempo, this will make them relax and spend more time sitting and consume more. If, on the other hand, there is a lot of flow of people, change to a fast tempo, the client will think that more time has passed than he considers and the rotation of tables will increase.
  1. Where possible, hire a professional to help you successfully design your sound brand.
  2. Good music enhances appreciation of food, increases sales, and will leave a good mark on the customer.

We create this content in collaboration with @neurogastronomo to promote the growth of your business.

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