To know in depth the tastes of our customers, it is essential to make a marketing plan that contains effective strategies. Therefore, in order to obtain a more adjusted and accurate profile of consumers, conducting surveys can be an excellent alternative. Fortunately, today the Internet offers us a series of digital tools to conduct them. What are the best? I will mention them below.

  • Google Form

We start with Google Form, a perfect online tool for preparing open or closed questions that comes free with your Google account. It allows us to store all the results in the cloud, presenting the conclusions with a striking design and achieving a much better perception.

  • Survio

If what you are really looking for is to have that professional touch in your survey, then Survio is the right tool for you. Through it, you will be able to know the exact opinion of the consumers who frequent your restaurant regarding the service you offer. At the same time, you will be able to investigate how the food market is doing or what is new at that time. It is a paid service, but completely affordable. Is it worth the investment!

  • Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey offers a free and a paid version. In the first, it allows the user the possibility of carrying out surveys of up to 10 questions and 100 answers; but, if what you are looking for is to expand your market study, you will have to get a license to be able to enjoy more services.

  • Type Form

It is one of the favorites of digital entrepreneurs, the reason? its design: it is very professional, which becomes an advantage to draw the attention of new customers to survey. Its free version only allows you to do 3 types of surveys with 20 questions each and receive a total of 5,000 responses for each survey. Not bad to start a food establishment.

Now, these are some of the best online resources to create customer satisfaction surveys and find potential customers. However, these surveys also serve to discover where your business is failing. All the information you receive will help you improve not only the existing service, but also get super fresh ideas to be able to offer new services.

Remember to collect important information and ask them what you need to know about them, for example, their tastes, their demands: what hours do they prefer the food place to be open or closed? what do they think about the service? what food do they expect to have in the restaurant menu? etc.

With the help of the different digital resources that the Internet provides us and that I have summarized for you in this post, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the customers interested in your food establishment, applying the surveys through the different social networks or the data you have about your consumers.

We co-created this content with @valentinasalazarmx to help your business grow. Valentina Salazar, Food Marketing Consultant.