A very interesting study conducted in mid-2021 sought to understand the role of restaurants that offer traditional food, the satisfaction of tourists and the probability of returning and recommending the destination to their acquaintances. A satisfactory experience is directly influenced by the enjoyment of food in a traditional restaurant and it can positively or negatively impact the general image of the destination visited, since it is there, in restaurants, where ethnicity is reaffirmed and the memories of the most impressive moments of the trip are fixed.

From the point of view of applied neurogastronomy, everything is intertwined; though tourist can choose to eat in any restaurant, the truth is that visiting a tourist attraction is just as important in their itinerary as eating in a restaurant that offers an ethnic experience. These moments are fixed in the memory because people can sit to talk about what they lived while being influenced by all the stimuli that surround them.

This type of customer hopes to find a culinary selection that complements the story that they are going to take home. The culture must be transmitted in each of the elements that comprise the experience: the type of food, the service, the environment, the atmosphere that is experienced, the type of cuisine, the quality of the ingredients and their freshness.

It is important to consider that, in cosmopolitan cities, ethnic food restaurants are part of the multicultural experience that customers anticipate they will find. Therefore, designing experiences according to visitors –based on current trends– could mean a good opportunity, both for locals and foreign customers.

Remember that traditional flavors can trigger sensory memories, connect with family moments and happy memories. Each of these elements contribute to the success of your business and the leisure and tourism industry.

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